The Low-down on Plastic Bottles

by lnmorrow

What is all the fuss about plastic bottles and are they really harmful?

Most plastic bottles, sports bottles and food containers contain BPA (bisphenol-a).  How toxic is it?  Studies in animals administered by U.S. government scientists found that this hormone-mimicking chemical can cause changes in behavior and the brain, prostate gland, mammary gland and the age at which females attain puberty.   Walmart,  Babies-“R”-Us, and Toys-“R”-Us have all decided to phase-out baby bottles with BPA in them.  However, they still sell bottles that contain the chemical.  Heating these bottles can cause BPA to leach into the food and beverages.  So, placing bottles into the microwave can cause greater toxicity.

Good news – you have options.  Smart Mamas may want to toss out any plastic bottles that look worn or opaque-colored, also anything on the unsafe list below should go as well.  Skip Starbucks for the month and restock your bottles and sippies – it’s worth it. 

Here are safe options that are free of BPA:

Born Free  -bottles and sippies

Polar Bottle – bottles

The Soft Landing – glass bottles

Sigg – water bottles – love these!

Others that are safe include:

  • Lamby Glass Baby Bottles
  • Evenflo Glass Baby Bottles
  • Playtex Disposable Baby Bottle Liners
  • Evenflo Baby Bottles (opaque, pastel)
  • Arrow Sip-A-Bowl
  • Avent Soft Spout Training Cups
  • Gerber Fashion Tint Bottles (colored)
  • Gerber Fun Grips Spill Proof Cups
  • Gerber Lil Sport Bottles Spill Proof Cups
  • Medela Baby Cups
  • Medela Baby Bottles and Feeders
  • Sassy E-Z Grip Cups
  • Sassy E-Z Grip First Feeding Bowls
  • Sassy Ideal Temp Feeding Spoons
  • Sassy Less Mess Toddler Spoons
  • Sassy MAM Spill-Proof Cups
  • Sassy Temperature Sensitive Forks and Spoons
  • The First Years Peek-A-Boo Cups
  • The First Years Tumble Mates
  • The First Years Winnie the Pooh Trainer Cups
  • Ziploc Containers
  • Rubbermaid Containers
  • Gladware Container
  • Avoid – Contains BPA

  • Avent Baby Bottles
  • Evenflo Baby Bottles (clear, untinted)
  • Gerber Baby Bottles (clear)
  • Gerber Looney Tunes Spill Proof Cups
  • Gerber Suzys Zoo Spill Proof Cups
  • First Sipster Trainer Cup
  • Playtex Kinder-Grip Bottles
  • Sassy MAM 3-Step Baby Bottles
  • The First Years Baby Bottles
  • Tuppercare Baby Bottles
  • VentAire Bottle
  • Evenflo Soft Bite Spoon “Vinyl, PVC-free”
  • Here are other household items to avoid:

  • 5-Gallon Bottles for Water Coolers (most)
  • Ashton Green Pitchers and Plastic Drinkware
  • Camwear Pitchers
  • Carlisle VersaPour Pitcher
  • Click Clack Classic White Storage Containers
  • Click Clack Airtight Accents Storage Containers
  • Rubbermaid Bouncer Rugged Plastic Pitcher
  • Rubbermaid Stain Shield Storage Containers
  • Strahl DaVinci Pitcher
  • Strahl Plates
  • Sweetheart Clear Storage Containers
  • Tango Pitchers and Glassware
  • Terrazza Unbreakable Plastic Tableware
  • Wombat Ware Pitchers and Glassware
  • Tupperware Rock ‘n Serve Containers