Safe Sippy Cups

by lnmorrow

A few weeks ago I reached my threshold.  I watched in horror as my boys drank out of their plastic sippy cups – enough was enough.  I took out a garbage bag, opened the cabinet and just started pitching every sippy in sight.  I could not allow them to drink from toxic cups  – especially, since I know better.  Now, I have exactly 3 BPA free bottles and 2 safe sippies.  Anyone who has a toddler knows that two is far from enough.  It’s time to restock.  After searching high and low for alternatives – I share with you the fruit of my labor:

Plastic Alternatives

The Safe Sippy

Thermos Foogo Sippy

Sigg Kids Bottles

Klean Kanteen

BPA Free Plastic Sippies

Born Free Toddler Cup

Munchkin Cupsicle

Avent Magic Cup

Green To Grow – So Cute!

Does anyone have an opinion of any of these?