Any Thoughts On The Prevnar Vaccine?

by lnmorrow

My son, Roman, had his first birthday last week.  Yay!  I can’t believe the little guys is one already.  Of course, along with this birthday comes many shots.  I have spent countless hours researching, reading books and talking with doctors about immunizations.   I am not sure there is a clear answer to this dilemma.  My conclusion is they are necessary and have been very beneficial – but do our kids really need so many at one time?  And do they really need them all?  I do omit a few and make a point to spread them out.  But, they get most of them and so far things have gone well.

My first son had no medical problems as a baby and still to this day has been sick very few times.  Roman, he is a different kid all together.  He had reflux and continues to have ear infections.  I worry about him getting too many shots at once.  Well, for his one year appointment we were seen by a nurse practitioner for the first time.  She told me he would get his MMR and chicken pox shots.  I was nervous about all these but decided to go ahead with it.  A few hours later he had a fever and continued to have one for 2 days.  The third night I heard him crying in his crib and when I walked in he was throwing-up.  He was also very lethargic the next day.  I called the nurse and she said it was probably from the Prevnar vaccine.  I was floored.  Apparently I signed off on it without realizing it (my 3 year-old was having a tantrum at the time), but she never told me he was getting that one.  Normally, he would never get that many at once.  Also, this shot is very questionable, nothing I have read about it seems very positive.  Should I refuse it at his 15 month check-up?

Has anyone else noticed an adverse reaction from this shot?  I would love to find out more from other mamas about their opinion of this vaccine.

Thanks so much.  I have been so worried all week and feel like such a bad mama.