Study shows Preschoolers can suffer from Depression

by lnmorrow

According to the National Institute of Mental Health 18.1 million American adults suffer from depression ranging from mild to major depressive disorder. Is it possible that children as young as 3 can also suffer from depression? A new study shows that this indeed is the case.

Now, we should not all take our tantruming toddlers immediately to the psychologist. But, it may be beneficial to watch out for some of the warning signs if the mother has depression or any other mood disorder or if the child has experienced a traumatic event, like a parent dying or abuse of any kind.  The rate of depression in young children seems to be higher in these circumstances.

Some of the symtoms include:

Lack of appetite, sleep problems, frequent temper tantrums involving hitting, biting and kicking. Depressed children are sad even when playing and their games may involve themes of death.  She may also be preoccupied with guilt over common accidents.

If your child is diagnosed with depression you can start treatment with psychotherapy.  The best thing for us smart mamas to do is be aware of the symptoms because with treatment your child can avoid a lasting effect on her  emotional and social development.

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