Children Need Plenty of ZZZs. Do You Know How Many?

by lnmorrow

Children NEED a lot of sleep.  It is vital to their health, development, and mental well-being.  There was a study published last month that links childhood obesity to a lack of sleep.  Findings in this study pinpoint a critical window before the age of 5 years, when sleep may be a factor in later obesity.    It can be challenging to be consistent with a nighttime routine at first, but it will get easy and your child will benefit in so many ways from it.  Who knows?  You may be able to squeeze a little “me” time in before you hit the sack.

So, how many hours a day should your child be sleeping?  Here is a general guide from Webmd:

1-4 weeks old:  15-16 hours a day.

1-4 months old:  14-15 hours a day.

4-12 months old:  14-15 hours a day.

1-3 years old:  12-14 hours a day.

*3-6 years old:  10-12 hours a day.

*7-12 years old:  10-11 hours a day.

*13-18 years old:  8-9 hours a day.

*Children in these age ranges should be getting the listed amount of sleep per night.  Naps are fine, but they are not a substitute for a good night sleep.