Does Your Child Have ADHD? Study Finds Chunks of Missing DNA

by lnmorrow

British researchers at Cardiff University discovered children with ADHD are twice as likely as other kids to have chunks of DNA either missing or duplicated.  This is the first evidence that the disorder is genetic, according to authors of the study.  One of the researchers, Kate Langley, PhD, says this study does not find a specific ADHD gene, rather it is believed to be a complex disorder that may have both genetic and environmental factors involved.

The good news is that “this is not a structural abnormality in the brain, it’s just the last phase of development that’s gone wrong,”  says Peter Burbach, a professor of molecular neuroscience at University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands. “It could be the brain just needs to be fine-tuned.”  He is hopeful that one day scientist may be able to reverse ADHD.

Read an interesting article about the study and it’s finding here.


*The study is reported in the Sept. 30 online issue of The Lancet.

*ADHD Art done by Per E. Riksson