Persimmon. My Newest Obsession.

by lnmorrow

Last weekend my husband brought home a box full of fruits and veggies from our local co-op.  A few days later, I found a little treasure inside the vegetable drawer.  Was it a fruit?  A vegetable?  I had no idea.  It was an orangish-red color and waxy to the touch.  The tiny sticker attached to the stem identified it as a fuyu persimmon.  Hmmm.  I sliced it open and took a bite.  Quickly, it became apparent that the skin is not edible, but the inside was sweet.  Very sweet.  I was expecting tomato, but it wasn’t anything like one.  I keep trying to place the taste.  Something like a pear, plum, papaya mixture.  The texture was smooth, like velvet.

I immediately googled it and this is what I learned -There are a couple of different types.  This one is the Asian variety.  It is used mostly in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cooking.  It is loaded with vitamins A & C,  fiber, antioxidants, folic acid, lycopene, and many minerals.  They can be eaten raw, dried or used in cookies, cakes, puddings, and salads.  I still can’t believe the persimmon and I have never crossed paths.  Now I have a new fall fruit to feed my family.  Oh, the little things.  Gotta love’m.

I can’t wait to bake something with it.  Do you have any persimmon recipes?  Please share.